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Disciples of Christ

chaliceWhy become a part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)? Here are some aspects of our faith tradition that have been cited by those who have joined:

  • A Biblical approach to life and issues, The Bible is our guide to Christian living and faith. It truly reveals God's purpose in the world; to free us from sin through Christ. Each person is free to explore and interpret the Scriptures according to his or her own experiences, and is encouraged to do so with the nurture of a faith community.
  • A Worship which involves people rather than placing them as spectators along the sideline.
  • A Preaching which is intellectually stimulating yet very practical and applicable to daily living.
  • A Willingness not only to tolerate but to welcome and celebrate differences of opinion about faith.
  • An Ecumenical integrity which allows for an open and inclusive approach to religion and life.
  • A strong sense of Christian Community in which consensus is in the person of Jesus Christ, not in conformity with a complex doctrine or creed.
  • A sense of Ministry which is rightfully the obligation and privilege of every Christian.
  • A Weekly Celebration of the Lord's Supper as instituted by Jesus and practiced by the New Testament church.
  • An emphasis on Christian living which is descriptive rather than strict, legalistic, and prescriptive.

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