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Thanksgiving 2016

There is more to being grateful than simply observing a special day or saying grace before a meal.   An important part of our worship and our spiritual discipline is expressing our gratitude to God for all that we have and all that we enjoy.  That is what the Thanksgiving season is all about. As the…
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Build and Plant – Dr. Buck – 10/9/16

October 2016

In just a few days most of us will go to the polls (if we didn’t vote early), cast our ballots, and in doing that we are exercising our right as citizens and attempting to sustain what Abraham Lincoln called “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” There are many who…
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The Great Chasm – Dr. Buck – 9/25/16

The Dishonest Manager? – Dr. Buck – 9/18/16

Lost and Found – Dr. Buck – 9/11/16

More Than You Bargained For – Dr. Buck – 9/4/16

September 2016

Four years ago, in mid-September 2013, I preached at Collierville Christian Church for the first time. I was in the middle of a much needed rest period between what I had been doing and what I would do next. For more than twenty years I had moved from one ministry to another, from one church…
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