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Dr. Buck’s January 2017 Blog

While I don’t think I have ever quoted Roseanne Cash before, I recently ran across something she said that really caught my attention: “The key to change is to let go of fear.”  Sometimes we seem to believe that folks resist change simply because they are stubborn, or they are old fashioned, or they want to retain control.  But I don’t think that is fair.  One of the chief reasons we all are hesitant to embrace change is fear.  We are afraid that something new might not work.  Even if what we have been doing isn’t producing the results we desire, we are frightened that something different might fail completely.  As a result, we often go through life, stuck in a rut, complaining about the way things are but unwilling to do what is necessary to make substantive change.

You have heard me say on more than one occasion that change is unavoidable.  Our choice is whether to manage it or to let it happen in ways beyond our control.  I choose the former.  The world around us is changing, the needs of individuals and families are changing, and the ways in which people interact with one another, with the church, and with God are all changing.  A few years ago a church website was an innovative development.  Now it is a standard feature.  Any church that is not currently effectively using social media is missing out on a large number of potential contacts. Even the ways in which we make donations to good causes, including the church, are changing – with online giving, text giving, and gofundme pages.

Rev. Morgan Parks’ first sermon here at Collierville Christian was entitled “New Beginnings.”  He made it clear in his opening remarks that his title was not merely a reference to his new start here – it was referring to the new beginnings that are available to all of us.  2017 is very much a new beginning. We have new faces, new opportunities, and new energy.  What we do with all of this is up to us.  We can work together, use our talents and abilities in productive ways, and try to make the most of every opportunity by managing the change that is going on around us.  That is what our Elders and our board members have chosen to do – and I hope you will join with us in that effort.  It doesn’t matter if you have been here all your life or just the last few weeks, I believe that God has brought you here for a reason and has a role for you to play in this congregation.

Grace and Peace and New Beginnings,