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We're Glad You're Here

Collierville Christian Church is a community of faith, family, and friends meeting in a place of warmth and comfort, striving to make a difference in our little corner of God's world. We know that visiting a church for the first time can feel intimidating. That's why we have put together this page to help you know what you can expect when you visit Collierville Christian Church.

Important Church News - No In Person Services - Services Will Be Streamed On Facebook *Click Here To View The Latest Streamed Service*

For all of our Collierville Christian members, friends, regular visitors, those who regularly join us on Facebook live our service will be on Facebook Live only until further notice. There will be no open services for anyone to attend because we want to comply with the recommendation of 10 or fewer gathering. There will also be a few minor changes.

The service will still be casual and largely contemporary but because we will only have one service (instead of our regular two) the service will include more traditional hymns. Dr. Sheryl Lane, who directs our traditional worship and plays organ, violin, and sings, will be joining the service, along with some of our regular band members and worship leaders.

We urge everyone to join via Facebook Live and if you choose to receive communion, we will have a service at the Table with the Words of Institution so that we can share the bread and cup even if we are not in the same place.

These changes are for the greater good, despite the inconvenience. Our heartfelt prayer is that this epidemic pass quickly, that the number of those who contract the virus are few, and that their health is restored quickly. If changing the way, we do things here can help make that happen then the changes themselves are an act of worship.

Thank you for your patience and support. Ron Buck

Dr. Ron M. Buck, Senior Minister

Collierville Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


What We Believe

  • Communion

    Commitment to a deeper relationship with God. We commune with God through-an active prayer life, Bible study, and regular worship attendance where we share together in the Lord's Supper.

  • Community

    Commitment to a deeper relationship with each other by building community through small groups, Sunday school classes and fellowship, where we share our faith and lives through encouragement and accountability.

  • Compassion

    Commitment to a deeper relationship with those in need. Compassion is acting on our love and concern for others. We commit to do this with those in our church, in our community and globally.

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